Elhiem British SAS/ SandS Models Toyota van (deceased).

Hi. Just a little post of pictures of Elhiem's British SAS  in Gulf War colours. Lovely sculpts as always.

Possibly the packs/equipment are a bit bright, but I'm not stressing about it.

Also, I have several items of resin terrain from SandS Models to paint, the first of which is a distressed Toyota van. These are cracking models, and I have some street barricades primed and ready to go. I have painted this in a similar way to my figures- base colours blocked in, a suitable colour wash, then re-establish base colours and add highlights. Unfortunately, I haven't been fussy enough to fill in a few blow holes from the casting process- I know, a cardinal sin- so I apologise to all those less lazy than me!

Anyway, just a quick post. Have a good week all!


Elhiem Modern Russians

Since my last post I have been concentrating on Matt's Modern Russians, and decided to do the lot before posting, so this is a little pic heavy I'm afraid.

I found these figures particularly enjoyable to paint, with a wealth of detail (in common with all Elhiem figures), and attempted a 'Flora Digital' pattern which did not really come off, but I'm still relatively happy with the final appearance.

So, RUS01






The Spetsnaz in GORKA suits were a pattern I found on the net, but I have seen a number of different ones. I am well aware that many details/colours may be inaccurate, but I'm not going to be too precious about it- life's too short!

I also managed a couple of pieces of scatter terrain while I was at it, the first cobbled together from a mixed bag of mis-cast items from 'SGT'S MESS' (a brilliant bag of stuff for this sort of thing)-

and at your convenience (sorry), a, er, convenience, also from SGT'S MESS.

So, I've got lots in the pipeline- mostly from Elhiem- Aussie SASR, US Rangers post 2010 and others.
I have knocked out a few more Taliban, and some Liberation minis recently, but there are enough pictures here for one post I think.

As usual, any helpful comments welcome, and thanks for taking an interest.