Terrain Project (Reloaded).

Well, as promised, a few pictures of my ongoing terrain extravaganza. It's a bit silly really-the hexes are only 70mm across, so I'm going to need a fair few for decent sized games. Still, despite my nagging doubts, I think I will continue to add more bases a few at a time. I have another untouched batch of 50 recently arrived from Warbases  that I will need to start work on.

This layout takes 35 bases, and makes a playing area of (approximately) 16 to 17 inches square-if it was square! There are a few goodies from GZG on the scene, the shack and large and small containers (these last are integral with the terrain, but the building is on its own base). and a couple of minis from Armies Army

I guess it may be a bit over complicated, a lot of  features in a confined space, but as I add more 'open' bases, I hope this will improve. (Mind you, it's great for cutting down LOS!).

.So that's the last of them. It's the first time I have put them all together, and although somewhat 'stylised' I'm quite pleased with the overall effect. I should soon have enough for a skirmish game if nothing else!

These weren't too much work, just a bit time consuming, but I've enjoyed this aspect as much as painting and, eventually, gaming again! Thanks for looking in!


Armies Army Minis

Having discovered that Spacejacker beat me to the drop on posting pictures for these minis (grrr), coupled with the fact that they are much better than mine (grrr), I thought I would post them anyway! I wasn't sure about the colour scheme originally, but they seem to hang together okay. The fatigues are GW Fenris Grey, highlighted with base+white, armour is GW Codex Grey, highlighted with Fortress Grey, Pouches,webbing and harness are GW Khemri Brown/Devlan Mud wash/highlights, boots GW Scorched Brown.

These minis will be part of a Rebel uprising Force in a setting that I will post a little later when I've ironed out a few things. We will be using various rulesets for this, including Tomorrow's War, 5150 Star Army, Fubar, and maybe even Laserburn for some of those 'intimate' little skirmishes! It will give us an opportunity to try them all.

I hope to post some more pictures tomorrow of my ongoing terrain project. I just need to arrange them into something cohesive and take the photos.