A small BATREP!

Last night I decided to have a break from re-painting the minis I 'lost' in the Great Varnish Disaster, and challenged my son to a quick skirmish to try out the FUBAR rules I recently downloaded. We set it up quickly with a very weak scenario outline, purely to test out the rules and, let's face it, just to have a game. We didn't have enough hexes from my terrain project for a complete tabletop, so used them in conjunction with the existing 2' X 2' tiles in reserve.

It turned out to be a very one-sided affair, as in our haste to set up a game, we didn't really think it through. The vague outline was-planetary enforcers hitting a small colonial settlement to hunt out rebel sympathisers  who were coincidentally harbouring a few cells of insurgents at the time. My son, Nick, controlled 2 fire teams of Veteran troopers, represented by Khurasan Control Battalion minis, with an armoured truck as their transport. I had 3 cells of rebel insurgents, 2 rated as green, 1 as seasoned, and 2 technicals armed with a heavy laser, and a heavy machine gun.

The table was set up thus-

The security forces were to enter the table from the North (far) edge, rebels from this near edge. The security team took initiative and rattled on to the board in their truck and stopped at the edge of the tree line. My 1st technical rushed on to the board and took up station at the edge of the settlement to provide covering fire for further deployment. Cell 1 ran on into cover of the buildings from the eastern edge (R). The colonists took one look at the twin laser cannon down the valley and dashed to the rear of the settlement. Very wise.
2nd Turn-Security forces (now to be known as 'Ghosts') fail activation and I bring on second technical and Cell 1 moves into cover of heavy containers in centre of settlement.  2nd Technical roars on to the board in a burst of exhaust fumes and takes up station alongside Cell 1.

Rebels activate 1st on turn 3 and consolidate cover. Ghosts fail activation but are then considered on guard, and take the opportunity to fire twin laser cannons at Technical 1, resulting in 2 unsaved hits. Technical disappears in a plume of greasy smoke! I just love these Lisko

Turn 4, Rebels gain initiative and Cell 2 runs on from Southern edge into cover. Ghost support squad debusses (spelling error?) and takes cover behind trees to the west. Their vehicle fires the laser cannons again at the 2nd Technical (stupidly left with more than it's nose poking out of cover) and scores 2 unsaved hits again. Weapon destroyed, crew stunned. Rebel Cell 2 moves into cover of buildings.

Turn 5, Ghost's truck moves forward into dry creek bed and disgorges Fire team 1. Meanwhile, their support squad moves into cover of the ruined building in the N West corner. Rebel Cell 1 opens up, but only scores 1 hit, subsequently saved by armour.

Turn 6, Ailing Technical 2 withdraws into cover, all other rebel forces fail activation when their turn crops up. Ghost's truck opens up again on Cell 1, and suppresses 2 troopers. Then Ghost Fire Team 1 moved out of creek and fires on the same target causing a casualty. I'm getting shot up here!

Turn 7, Ghosts have initiative . Their support squad opens up on Cell 1 and wipes it out. Meanwhile,  Ghost  fire Team 1 advances on the settlement and moves into cover. Rebel Cell 2 moves into a settlement building and fires at the Ghost Support Squad, just to watch the rounds pattering gently on the wall with no effect.

Turn 8, Rebel initiative. Cell 3 finally passes their activation roll, and, using the rule that allows 'locals' to enter the board wherever they want, they appear out of the woods behind the Ghost's truck and let loose with everything at its rear, including a missile launcher.  Hah! 2 unsaved hits and the vehicle is immobilised and the weapon destroyed-Payback! Then Cell 2 fires another volley at the enemy support squad and suppresses the support weapon. Get Some! Of course, then the Ghost Fire Team 1 retaliates with 4 hits and causes 2 casualties and one suppressed. Back to earth, or Epsilon Beta VI, with a bump. Ghost support squad fires on Cell 2 in the building and causes 1 further suppression.
Ghost truck burns up! 

Ghosts take cover in ruined building with good field of fire down table.
So, not a very exciting engagement, but we had a bit of fun with the rules. We decided to call it a day as it was getting late, and the Rebels ran away to the South dragging the colonists with them, to save them from the gentle attentions of the Ghosts. Basically, I got my butt whipped, but we realised that the forces were so unbalanced that we need to think it through a bit better next time. I'm not too bothered about trying to make each side 'equal' but this was too one-sided. I was quite happy, however, with the way the hex scenery sat comfortably with the base tiles. It's a good compromise at the moment. As you can see, at least the result made my son happy!


Some advice, please.....

Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong? I have just ruined 18 painted minis by spraying them with a matt varnish. I can't tell whether I have just been heavy handed (although I thought I was being sparing) with the spray, or whether I shouldn't have left them outside for 10 mins before bringing them back inside. The minis were painted with a mixture of Citadel and Vallejo paints, gloss varnished with Citadel 'paint on' varnish, then, when dry, sprayed with Citadel Purity Seal, or whatever they call it now. I really would appreciate some feedback on this, as I am not the fastest painter on the planet (well, not this planet) and this represents a real waste of time, especially as I was hoping to post pictures this weekend to show I was still alive! The only consolation I can gain from this at the moment is that hopefully I'll make a better job of them next time round!
I need the minis to be fairly well protected from the constant handling of gameplay, and I have found that the matt spray on its own isn't sufficient. So, could some of you more experienced modellers out there lend me a hand with some suggestions? Thanks in anticipation.

By the way, the minis have already had a bath in acetone- some things have to be done straight away!