Belated Happy New Year!

I would just like to wish all those who occasionally look in to this blog a very Happy New Year, and thanks to those bloggers who have wished us all the same.

I was hoping to post pictures of my last Armies Army figures before Christmas, but events overtook me. However, I can now post pictures of the last few militia and the Spetznatz.

I posted pictures of 5 of the Militia last time, so here are the rest.

I have tried to keep a common theme going with all of these, whilst trying to differentiate between the various troop types, so the body armour is the same colour, but the fatigues a different colour.

These are the first 'Spetznatz' I did. I think I was a little heavy handed with the matt varnish, and as I subsequently painted the upper half of the weapons a different colour (I did paint them white in a Star Wars Stormtrooper moment)  I tried to matt varnish them afterwards with a brush and Vallejo matt varnish, but they insisted in staying gloss!

The rear view is a little clearer...

And finally, front and back of the others. These have been varnished a little more carefully.

Thanks to all those who have commented on the blog last year. I enjoy the feedback, and have had great help and advice from many quarters. I look forward to hearing from you this year, and I will try to bring a variety of pictures of figures and vehicles  from several manufacturers, and some home made terrain and various buildings. I am just completing some Hummers and other 20/21st Century vehicles suitably distressed to fill out my 'Rusk' army along with the APCs I posted last time, and when these are done I'll do a picture of the whole army.

I am currently waiting some vehicles from Brigade Models that I ordered before Christmas. They have a tank which resembles the 'Blower' tanks from Old Crow, and as the latter are currently unavailable, I took advantage of the sale to get a couple of Brigade's version.

I have had another dabble with the airbrush, this time on some home built scenery so I'll hopefully get pics of that up soon.

Thanks for looking in!