And also....

Forgot to post this last picture of some unarmed colonists from GZG-you might as well have the full bundle!

Okay, relax now and go and watch the rugby.

My (over) ambitious terrain project and more.....

Hi All. Having made up some terrain pieces on MDF hexagons from Warbases, I was consumed with the idea of making a lot of them to slot together in varying configurations to make complete warboards (not an original idea, I know). Suffice to say, as they are only 70mm across, I would certainly need plenty of them, and my available time doesn't stretch to that. ~Therefore I decided to use them in my original way, as scatter terrain on my aged but trusty 2'X2' Terrain tiles purchased just after the Boer War(!) Furthermore, I have decided not to beat myself up about the standard-I see many blogs with games played on beautiful integrated terrain, and I get disatisfied with my own efforts. From now on though, I'm going to be happy to settle for 'representative' rather than 'realistic'. Life's too short to stress about it. With that in mind, here's a few pictures (dodgy camera work) of some of my most recent dabblings-

Top picture-trees from K & M I believe-another purchase from way back. The 'mini mesa' is a cut down polystyrene hexagon from another terrain system and cork rocks. The lower picture has some less convincing trees made from plastic aquarium plants (Spacejacker had a great tip on his blog about adding paint to PVA glue to make it stick to the plastic, but I only had a cursory attempt), and a toxic pool surrounded by cork rocks again. I try and leave just a little margin of untextured surface around the bases to ensure they butt up to each other properly.

Finally, some barrels from The Scene along with some of their barbed wire and a small ruin made from foam card and not a lot else!

Now just some pictures of minis to add-I've painted a reasonable number recently, but not posted any for a while, so they're coming along all in one hit-stay awake, there's only several dozen.....well, that may be an exaggeration.

Some more OUDF with 'boonie' hats to add to my earlier efforts

Oh yes, here are the others....late on parade. Minis from GZG of course.

Cyborgs from The Scene-a simple coat of natural steel (Vallejo70864), black wash, and drybrushed with the steel again. A quick and easy fix, but possibly lacking some imagination. I could have made the effort to paint in some flesh on the head, like the minis on their website, but I'm reasonably happy with these.


And here's another with a considerably gaudier paint job. Again, an idea stolen from one of you out there-thanks very much, and I apologise!

My first attempt at Khurasan minis, and I just love these! The colour scheme was one I pinched from Allison over at the Painting Agency, this time with his blessing! They are nowhere near as good as his, but I still love 'em!

And here's a few more. I've got the latest release in the draw waiting their turn, but it will be a while.

And finally, you'll be pleased to know if you've stayed the course, a little GZG Hammers Slammers skimmer, just to round off proceedings.

Sorry you had to have them all in one go, but as we all know, life gets in the way of hobbies!

Thanks to all of you out there for the inspiration and ideas, keep going, or else who will I have to plagiarise? (Not sure if that is spelled correctly, or even if it's in context-it's for stealing writing, innit?)


Armies Army Minis

Morning everyone! The weekend has arrived, and with it a package of minis from Armies Army. It has been interesting following this story, and now I have got the minis in my sticky mitts, I'm glad I did. I haven't taken any pictures as they are available to see on the ArmiesArmy blog, plus which my photography is poor (next time I shall ask my son to take pictures-he's got a posh camera and some ability!). Anyhow, suffice it to say, I'm extremely pleased with the minis,10 to a pack, so just right for a squad in several rule systems as far as I can tell (obviously with some adaption of makeup), comprising of riflemen, SAWs and a rocket launcher. Ideal, as probably has been indicated elsewhere, as a near future force, say post apocalyptic, or something a bit further on but perhaps slightly lo-tech. Personally, I shall include them as a faction in a rebel force-they look suitably hard done by, and out for revenge! I hope to get some paint slapped on asap, as I can't believe they will stay low down in the pecking order of unpainted lead (or pewter or whatever). If you like minis, and we all do, go get some!