I've just finished this leather clad gunslinger from Khurasan, and thought I would post a couple of hastily taken pictures.

It probably doesn't show, but by starting off with black and gradually lightening with white on subsequent coats, it looks almost like softly shining leather. Anyway, nice figure to paint. Is this one of the minis you were thinking of, Allison?



Once again, I am so dissatisfied about how my pictures came out, I've taken another couple by the light coming in from the patio doors, but the clouds have come over now, so only slightly better!

Thanks for your patience!

Zebra Kilo Team

Last Saturday I received these little beauties from Khurasan, along with a few other bits and pieces, and I rushed to get them painted. These really are lovely minis, possibly sculpted by the same guy that did the Exterminators from the same stable, but I'm just guessing. Anyhow, I think they are really good figures, with crisp detail that is easy to pick up when painting.

Again, I've done these in the dark grey and camo scheme I did the NAC from GZG in the last post. I think I'll use them as a Special Forces team, something like ISS in SA5150. Pictures aren't the best again, so apologies for that.

Thanks for looking in!


WIP Take 2

Having read the comments from yesterday's mini-post, I have just re-taken a couple of pictures that may be slightly better, although taken under unnatural light in the evening. At least, Jay and Keith, they might be  a little bigger this time round! However, I'm just grateful that someone is taking an interest!

GZG NAC minis, front aspect (what, really?)...........

And around the back..............

Two more.......

There you go.

Khurasan post-apocalypse type with muzzle......

And with extravagant hair-do.

Pictures still dark, but at least you don't need a microscope to criticise, er, see them!

All joking aside, I'm grateful for helpful criticism, or else how will I improve?

I hope to have some more to post before too long,

Thanks all!


WIP this weekend.

Having had something of a hiatus the last few weeks, or should that be an hiatus, I'm just following up the Bounty Hunter with a mini from Khurasan.....

.....lots of detail on this figure, and a shot of the next army I'm painting made from the NAC figures from GZG. The colour scheme ( typical of me)  is 'borrowed' from photos in the Hammers Slammers rulebook, and I've tried to scale it down from 25/28mm.

The basic colour is dark grey, and the camo is done with a mid green, in patches, topped with dots of Vallejo red leather. My customary photography skills have failed once again to pick up the detail, but maybe if you screw your eyes up really tight, you might make some of it out.

I have tried to break up the uniformity by painting camo on just above the waist, just below, just armour or just fatigues, or any other variation on the theme.

I have another four finished and varnished, and yesterday I received the Khurasan Zebra Kilo team which will be my special forces team for this army. They're based and ready to go.

Because we have builders in and around the house at the moment, the place is upside down, and I have little room for modelling, so instead of using a spray primer for the minis, I am using a Vallejo (light grey) primer, which I would normally use in my airbrush, but have been applying with just an ordinary brush. I don't know how others have found it, but even applied this way, it covers nicely, and is fine enough to reveal all the detail without clogging it up if you are sensible about it. I'm tempted to do all my figures this way, but not vehicles.

Thanks for visiting!


Bounty Hunter

I just finished this mini except for the base and varnish, so I thought I would put up a couple of pictures as I haven't  posted anything for a while.

This figure was a joy to paint- the detail was crisp and well sculpted, and the casting was clean, with just a few strands from  'air holes' to nip off. I don't think my photography does it any justice, but it looks better in the flesh, so to speak, than it does here!

Thanks for peering in!