Oddzial Osmy and others.....

It has been a while since my last post- I suddenly came to the conclusion that as there was so much brilliantly painted and modelled stuff out there, who would want to look at what I'm up to? Anyway, encouraged by the kind words of Jay (of 'Jay's Miniature Enterprises' blog-excellent entertainment) I have plucked up courage again, so here goes.

I have finished off my first squad of Armies Army Future Brits

and here they are, and following Jay's excellently painted Oddzial Osmy Media crew, here is my offering, painted about a month ago.

Also, in the 'OO' camp, yesterday, whilst watching the Lions v Wallabies rugby match, I did these two excellent minis from their Vistula Legion range- long range reconnaissance pack.

There have been other figures, but nothing particularly new. I have received a lot of terrain from Mad Mecha Guy recently, several buildings, the road and walls pack, containers etc, and will post some pictures when a reasonable amount is painted.

Finally, here are a couple of pics of future projects. My first foray into wargaming was Napoleonic, so having scoured the web for opinions about the best 15/18 mm figures in this era, a lot of people recommend AB Miniatures, although I realise that this is purely subjective. Anyhow, I ordered a few to paint as mini dioramas, as I can't see myself painting up a new mountain of lead- I'm in way over my head as it is!

French Hussars, two prone 95th Riflemen (I've just been re-watching the boxed set of 'Sharpe' DVDs) and a British and French sapper. I also have a 9 pounder British cannon and crew lurking in the drawer.

And last but not least, I based up these GZG trucks I bought recently. There's just something about these chunky vehicles I really like!

Thanks for looking in, and commenting if you have a mind to do so!