Some 20mm Vietnam War items.

Wow, no posts for months, then two in consecutive days!

Just a few pictures of re-worked Vietnam era stuff, minis from Britannia mostly, with a few thrown in from FAA and Liberation miniatures.

I do like to see a muddy half-track.....

A few grunts-

(I can't help but feel a bit smug about the rebel flag on second from right- I'm usually poor at detail).

Finally, some Viet Cong-

That's it!


Elhiem Modern Germans.

Well, following on from my 'epiphany' moment about black undercoat, I have finally completed my selection of Modern Germans from Elhiem. I'm not suggesting the standard is spectacular, and the pictures aren't the clearest, but the technique suits me, and gives more definition than my previous style. I have now started stripping paint from some more figures to re-work them, but I won't be doing all of them- too many nail varnish remover fumes!

I have also started repainting Matt's DEVGRU SEALS in multicam, so when they are done I'll have pictures up, maybe a few at a time.

Best wishes to all.