More Armies Army Weapons Teams and Kickstarter plug.

At the weekend I managed to paint up some more heavy weapons teams from Armies Army- The Rusks. They were a little rushed, so the painting is probably a bit untidy, but I do enjoy these mini dioramas!

First of all, a manned gun crew, with a weapon pinched from a GZG set because that's what I wanted in my set-up.

Reverse view

These are all mounted on their own 30mm bases, but for a little bit of interest I've posed them in one of my terrain hexes (also knocked up this weekend).

Rocket launcher/heavy laser doohicky....

Obverse view.....

Plasma Gun or similar (help me out Keith!), with loader and spare power pack.

And here's the other side.

All bases are from Warbases, in fact I also took delivery of some of their destroyed buildings last week, also made of MDF, and I'm really pleased with them. Pics when painted.

I also would like to mention the Armies Army Kickstarter that has commenced recently. Keith has some great ideas in the pipeline, and a good level of support already, so I wish to put in a plea on his behalf for a little helping hand, and we'll all benefit from another range of figures to add to the lead pile, or better still, sneak to the front of the queue! Details on the Armies Army blog.

Thanks for  looking in!


New Toys from Armies Army!!

I was fortunate this week to receive some of the new releases from Armies Army, both from Mr Armies Army, and also his distributor Black Hat Miniatures. I thought I would get a few painted and posted asap, so here they are. They are from the support weapons pack and the command pack- a few samples of each.

This guy has what I imagine to be a scanner of some description in his hand.

Ah yes, my favourite- big hairy gun of much destruction!

Is that a grav tank yonder, or do my eyes deceive me, well, if the lazy **** had painted in some eyes...

Yep, another big-ass gun, can't get enough of 'em. Er, I'm starting to wonder if this is saying too much about me and my inadequacies?!

And last, but certainly not least, a sniper/spotter team.

I have a good number of these miniatures to paint, and quite often I find painting the same colour scheme for a lot of minis tends to get a bit stale, but I have to say that it isn't the case with these figures for some reason. Mind you, ask me again when I've done another 30 or so!

So, thanks Keith, these were fun to paint, and I hope that I have not ruined your rep with this painted post!

Thanks for looking in folks, and please feel free to criticise (but remember I do have feelings!).