At last-a new post!

 First picture is a scratch built abode made from foam card and coated with quick drying Polyfilla. A bit rough, but only a first attempt. Next pictures are the Special Forces range from The Scene-these are pre-varnish pics, because they never seem to be quite as nice once I have gloss then matt varnished them! Very nice figures to paint-plenty of detail and clean castings.
 Here is the 'Arnie' figure from the set-obviously not from Predator (we wouldn't like to upset any franchises!)

 My, I do like powerful guns, and this one will do nicely.......
 .....and grenade launchers-what can I say?

 Here is an Old Crow Gecko with a head conversion figure from GZG, gloss varnished, but not matt. I think I may have made an error by adding the MIG dirt pigment before spraying with matt varnish, but I'll soon find out.
 These two minis are from the Critical Mass Games Mercenaries range (I think). Once again, excellent minis with crisp detail and clean casts. I love the Cyborg figure, and again, big gun!
 Last, but by no means least, some of GZG's most excellent UNSC troopers- Jon produces a fantastic range of 15mm figures and vehicles as we all know and his service is seldom less than fantastic-thanks Jon. I've had a little dabble with some green stuff and wire to alter a couple of these. Some of it is a bit ham-fisted, but I can identify the squad weaponsa little easier. These have had their gloss coat, and are awaiting the matt one, and then the addition of some static grass. I used to use the loose stuff from various manufacturers, but on a bog that I follow (it was the Gruntz blog I think) I came across the 'pre-clumped' stuff from miniNatur, which I bought from Atenociti's

I have been purchasing a lot of things recently, and would recommend all of the above companies for service and quality. I also found a company called SnMStuff, where I got the MIG pigments, and some Vallejo paints. Their service was excellent too, so I must give them a mention, and sorry to any I have missed out! Apologies, this is becoming an awards ceremony!
I must confess to pinching the colour scheme for the UNSC from Spacejacker, from his wonderful blog, and a little from Bug Man's blog. I'm a bit short on imagination, so why not learn from the masters?