Armies Army Commonwealth Brits

Having posted a single figure from this range last week, I managed to paint a few more during a hectic weekend, so here is my first 'half squad'!

Once again, I found them great fun to paint. It's a fairly limited palette, but in theory, that should take me less time. Unfortunately, theory and reality seldom seem to coincide in my experience, but it didn't take any pleasure away from the painting.

As I have a good number of this range to paint, I'm wondering if I should attempt some form of camouflage for the Commandos, just for a bit of variety. I'm always unsure about camo at this scale- I find it difficult to achieve in 15mm- but I would like to try. Then there are the figures in power armour......should I do a different scheme for these as well? Decisions, decisions.

As usual, helpful comments welcomed!


Armies Army Brits- First Paint.

I received my Armies Army Brits from the Kickstarter at the beginning of the week, and although my time has been severely limited, I have managed to do a test paint of one figure, so here are a couple of pictures.
I find these minis to be full of character, and great to paint. Thanks Keith, I'm really enjoying these!


Khurasan's Exterminators

I have had several stabs at painting these minis, but have never been happy with the colour scheme. Enter the redoubtable Spacejacker, whose ideas I have shamelessly purloined in the past. His idea for these was a battle worn ' US Forces in Vietnam' look, and I have to say that I think this is really quite appropriate. So, with doffed cap in hand, and enormous thanks to the Maestro, here are a few pictures of said minis.

I also acquired a couple of GZG's Cyclops Heavy Battle suits some long time ago, and thought that they might look agreeable in the same colours, so.....

Finally, a shot of the assembled throng.
I'm fairly happy with the result, but could use some constructive criticism, especially from the man whose ideas I frequently 'borrow'!


Little Devil!

I just had a bit of time to paint this little monstrosity before cooking dinner for the family, to add to the others posted a few hours ago! Another beauty from Khurasan.

Simple blocked out colours with some washes and highlights, but I'm reasonably happy with the outcome. I agree with Mr. Harold about the 'Army Painter Strong Tone' wash- it is more than just a substitute for GW's Devlan Mud wash- I actually prefer it too!

Ladies' Night!

As yet I haven't painted many female figures in 15mm, but most of those I possess seem to be wielding a wonderful selection of hardware, so I've been missing a trick.

So, without further ado, I present the cast of Ladies' Night.......well, I know there's only 3 of them, but I've spent most of the holiday weekend helping the family organise a Diamond Wedding party, with the subsequent clear up!

These are all Khurasan Miniatures as I'm sure you all know. Looking at their website, I was amazed at the detail the artist managed to get on the first figure in the picture. The grey/black colour scheme was also really appropriate IMO, so as I knew I wouldn't get anywhere near the standard of the original, I opted for a green uniform. The sculpting and detail is remarkable and delicate, but tricky to paint with a brush with more than three hairs.

So here are the individual pictures:

Next the blue jean baby...

And finally, the one whose features I have done least justice to- as Jethro says, 'Anyone can be ugly, but she's abusing the privilege!'

Any hints and tips gratefully received.