Having just finished a few figures, I thought I would just put them up on the blog. I painted them in a different colour scheme previously, favouring the scheme from Mini Metal Mayhem, but I didn't achieve the same effect, so it was a quick bath in acetone, and a re-think. I realise from reading posts from other bloggers that the secret of 15mm mini painting is high contrast, so I'm not sure if this has been sufficiently done. Still, I quite like the colours! These haven't been varnished yet, as I always find that stage diminishes the result. I gloss varnish with a brush, then spray varnish with GW's Purity Seal-anybody got an opinion on that, please? Please excuse the photography-not the wold's best! The shadow in the front is obviously the lens! Finally, a picture of a very simple paint job on one of GZG's VTOL craft. I wanted to get the red/gold sunglasses effect on the windows, but decided I quite liked the gold on its own.

Picure a bit dark again-apologies!

I received an order from The Scene today-3 new minis in the Special Forces Range-a prone sniper, a rifleman with UGL attachment on the weapon, and a figure with a Missile launcher/bazooka type thing. Like all of Mike's minis, very nice indeed! I also bought some of his new buildings-pics when I have painted them to an acceptable standard.


New Greens!

I'm just getting on the bandwagon with Spacejacker and others to promote these new greens from Armies Army. They look well sculpted with good detail and weapons that could pass muster in the near future as well as the far. Let's try and get these minis into production!


Belated Seasons Greetings!

I know, too late, sorry guys. Anyhow, best wishes to all bloggers out there, especially those who have stumbled across my faltering blog. I haven't had much chance to post anything recently due to a  brush with the enemy within-a sneaky little dose of cancer-but that's all done now, hurrah!
Before Christmas, inspired by Spacejacker's excellent post about scenery based on cds, I bought some of GZG's little shacks and shamelessly copied the painting style of the aforementioned. Sorry Spacejacker, but they say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery! I decided against the cds in the end, mostly because the smaller bases (from Warbases) give me a little more flexibility when using a smaller gaming board.
I have finally discovered the benefits of using washes-something I haven't bothered with in the past-and they do help to weather things down successfully. I know this is old hat to most of you, but I'm a relative novice, particularly at this scale.
I particularly enjoyed this one. I don't know if the second rate photography picks it up, but I used an old untidily cast 'dune buggy' from...well it doesn't matter where from, but using Mig pigments, it rusted up quite well! What isn't shown on the picture is the sheets of corrugated iron leaning up against the wreck, rusted up good and proper again!
Here's the last one, complete with a GZG Tech. Rocks made from chunks of cork which to my mind look reasonably convincing.
I have also been making a few pieces of scatter terrain once again using mdf bases from Warbases, but this time on hexagons-I quite like the idea of slotting them neatly together to form some dense areas of rocks, foliage etc.
Once again, rocks made from cork pieces that I bought from Atenociti (I think). It was only about £5 for a good sized tub of chunks of varying size, and a GZG UNSC figure with head conversion. I recently made a big mistake trying to spray matt varnish on to figures, overdid it and now they look like they have a seasonal covering of frost!
So, many thanks to all of you out there who have given me food for thought, especially Spacejacker, the guys at Dropship Horizon, Paul from Mini Metal Mayhem, and all the others whose blogs I follow regularly.

I have a host of new toys arriving in the New Year bought with Christmas swag-buildings from Critical Mass Games, vehicles from Old Crow, minis from Khurasan and the Scene, and a copy of 5150 Star Army-can't wait!

Happy New (Gaming) Year!