Having just finished a few figures, I thought I would just put them up on the blog. I painted them in a different colour scheme previously, favouring the scheme from Mini Metal Mayhem, but I didn't achieve the same effect, so it was a quick bath in acetone, and a re-think. I realise from reading posts from other bloggers that the secret of 15mm mini painting is high contrast, so I'm not sure if this has been sufficiently done. Still, I quite like the colours! These haven't been varnished yet, as I always find that stage diminishes the result. I gloss varnish with a brush, then spray varnish with GW's Purity Seal-anybody got an opinion on that, please? Please excuse the photography-not the wold's best! The shadow in the front is obviously the lens! Finally, a picture of a very simple paint job on one of GZG's VTOL craft. I wanted to get the red/gold sunglasses effect on the windows, but decided I quite liked the gold on its own.

Picure a bit dark again-apologies!

I received an order from The Scene today-3 new minis in the Special Forces Range-a prone sniper, a rifleman with UGL attachment on the weapon, and a figure with a Missile launcher/bazooka type thing. Like all of Mike's minis, very nice indeed! I also bought some of his new buildings-pics when I have painted them to an acceptable standard.


  1. You nailed it... very good color contrast. The green and grey stand apart, and I like the red on the eye lenses. I actually just finished some Islamic Feds (VERY similar sculpts), and the metallic gold I used on the eyepiece doesn't stand out enough from the skin-tone on the faces.

    -Chris K.

    1. Thanks, Chris. I've just been looking thru' your galleries-you really have a fantastic collection! It's given me plenty of ideas-good on yer! I've got a pack of the Islamic minis with keffiyeh. The sculpts are pretty similar, with the same chunky bodies I agree. Mine just have basic 'sand' coloured fatigues, with brown body armour and white headwear! It is a good contrast though.

  2. Wow, that is a neat VTOL, I like the side fans, which aren't too high-tech looking. And the guys are a believable military colour scheme, but those red goggles provide some contrast to make them more interesting. I haven't painted any GZG 15 mm yet, they look nice.

    By the way thanks for the comment on my blog (my Khurasan Riflething)... I'm hoping to paint up the rest of them (4 more) when I have a chance. And keep an eye on my blog, as with my recent familial time and space restrictions I'm probably going to paint mostly 15 mm stuff for a while...

  3. Thanks Allison! The Khurasan Riflethings arrived in the post today, and they are already based and awaiting priming. I may just pinch your colour scheme if that's okay! I was going with the website scheme which is good and menacing, but yours just tipped it for me. I'll keep an eye on upcoming posts! Best wishes.