Armies Army Minis

Morning everyone! The weekend has arrived, and with it a package of minis from Armies Army. It has been interesting following this story, and now I have got the minis in my sticky mitts, I'm glad I did. I haven't taken any pictures as they are available to see on the ArmiesArmy blog, plus which my photography is poor (next time I shall ask my son to take pictures-he's got a posh camera and some ability!). Anyhow, suffice it to say, I'm extremely pleased with the minis,10 to a pack, so just right for a squad in several rule systems as far as I can tell (obviously with some adaption of makeup), comprising of riflemen, SAWs and a rocket launcher. Ideal, as probably has been indicated elsewhere, as a near future force, say post apocalyptic, or something a bit further on but perhaps slightly lo-tech. Personally, I shall include them as a faction in a rebel force-they look suitably hard done by, and out for revenge! I hope to get some paint slapped on asap, as I can't believe they will stay low down in the pecking order of unpainted lead (or pewter or whatever). If you like minis, and we all do, go get some!


  1. I'm planning on picking up a few packs myself. They look great. I reckon they would be an ideal isurgent force to go up against my Colonial Police in a game of Laserburn or Tomorrow'War.

  2. I'd be interested in your thoughts on Tomorrow's War. I've got the rulebook, as well as Force On Force, but not yet played any games. Any comparison with 5150 SA or Gruntz?