Just A Little Progress Report........

Hi Everybody. I've been a bit shy on the posting side of things recently, what with work, short holiday, grass management (in the historic rain) yada, yada, yada. No new batrep, but my son and I playtested 5150SA last night for a few hours, just to get to grips with the mechanics. We'll soon have a batrep up for publication.

So failing that, I shall just have to post some pictures of recent painting ventures, all taken on sections of my ongoing terrain tile project. I was hoping to get some custom bases cut by Martin from Warbases, and he kindly gave me a sensible quote, but I devised a method for gluing my existing 70mm hexes (not a particularly brain stretching exercise) to make what I wanted (see the hill in the following pics). So, as he had been so good, and I then went and kicked him in the teeth-sorry Martin-I then ordered some 150mm square bases that I will be painting up as a cityscape for 5150NB, a copy of which I downloaded last weekend.

First up, a selection of Khurasan rebels with the Rockhopper. I painted half of them with grey fatigues, the others with brown, and here are half a dozen of mixed colours. Just very simple paint schemes, but the figures aren't too complex.
The local paramilitary police force have turned up to arrest some poor innocent bomber/murderer, whatever. Khurasan minis again, with Khurasan nasty piece of work truck. Again, fairly simple paint jobs-ultramarine blue uniforms, black body armour, all appropriately washed, (ironed), and highlighted.

Here's a little offering from Armies Army-a slightly different colour scheme from my earlier posts-black fatigues with khaki body armour and pouches etc. Probably partly pinched from Spacejacker. (Sorry, Jacker). I'm looking forward to Keith's new sculpts when they are available.
 Some more of Armies Army boys in the new configuration.

This is a mini I particularly like. It is from Splintered Light miniatures, and comes from their 15mm undead range (I think). It has certain 'Ah, Grasshopper' connotations, especially as I chickened out of painting the eyes (apart from the blind white eyeballs!). We intend to use him as a cult religious leader with his own loony army in our setting.

One of Khurasan's walkers,as everyone will probably recognise.
Two GZG minis with a greenstuff camo cape.

A GZG colonist stands atop a dhobi type house from The Scene.

Same house, with Khurasan Riflething taking a potshot at a passing rebel Gecko (from Old Crow).

A converted Armies Army trooper with GZG head swap and greenstuff hood, courtesy  of another rip-off from Spacejacker-sorry Jacker, I'm your disciple.