Long Time No Post!

It has been almost a year since my last post- I found myself trying to paint a volume of figures for gaming instead of painting purely for the pleasure of it, got rather bored, and so I had a break. To freshen things up, I then decided to try a different scale and era, so having seen some fantastic painted figures on the internet and various blogs of modern warfare miniatures from Elhiem Figures, I ordered a batch and got painting.

My first efforts at this scale were okay-ish, but not a patch on others that I had seen.

These are Elhiem's Afghan/Taliban figures...

And a few more....

I also had a few Britannia 20mm figures, but didn't make much of an effort with the goats!

I also bought  some minis from Liberation miniatures, and found them to be more in the style of the Britannia offerings, but I haven't taken any pictures of those yet.

After clearing out a cupboard, I discovered a large number of painted and unpainted minis from Britannia's Vietnam range- poorly painted- so they've been stripped off and I'm working my way slowly through those.

This is one of the re-paints, and it brings me to my latest revelation. I have always avoided black undercoating in the past, but I have now realised that I have been wasting my time a little. I know that those of you who are experienced painters will know the pros and cons of various different undercoat/primer colours- I guess black/white/grey etc all have their applications, but the beauty for me is the way a black undercoated figure is so forgiving- missed a little bit? It just looks like shadow or similar. So easy for scruffy daubers like me!

I returned recently to 20mm WW2 minis from Britannia (I used to have a sizeable collection when poor old Dave Howitt was still with us) but they were sold a long time ago. I started off with a few-black undercoat by now- so here are some...

As you can see, a mounted SS trooper (yes, I know the collar decoration isn't correct) base to be finished.

SS sniper team (same collar problems)

Fallschirmjaeger MG40 team

Afrika Korps officer

Afrika Korps Motorcycle/sidecar combo

Finally, some modern German troops kitted out for 'Afghan'.

All the figures in the last eleven pictures have had the black primer treatment. I painted some other modern Germans in exactly the same colour scheme as these with a grey undercoat, but in comparison they look dull and washed out. I suppose for reality's sake, that is probably okay, but for table top miniatures, I like a bit more contrast.

If any of you more experienced types out there would like to give me some pointers on how to improve my technique, I would be grateful to hear them.