Oddzial Osmy and others.....

It has been a while since my last post- I suddenly came to the conclusion that as there was so much brilliantly painted and modelled stuff out there, who would want to look at what I'm up to? Anyway, encouraged by the kind words of Jay (of 'Jay's Miniature Enterprises' blog-excellent entertainment) I have plucked up courage again, so here goes.

I have finished off my first squad of Armies Army Future Brits

and here they are, and following Jay's excellently painted Oddzial Osmy Media crew, here is my offering, painted about a month ago.

Also, in the 'OO' camp, yesterday, whilst watching the Lions v Wallabies rugby match, I did these two excellent minis from their Vistula Legion range- long range reconnaissance pack.

There have been other figures, but nothing particularly new. I have received a lot of terrain from Mad Mecha Guy recently, several buildings, the road and walls pack, containers etc, and will post some pictures when a reasonable amount is painted.

Finally, here are a couple of pics of future projects. My first foray into wargaming was Napoleonic, so having scoured the web for opinions about the best 15/18 mm figures in this era, a lot of people recommend AB Miniatures, although I realise that this is purely subjective. Anyhow, I ordered a few to paint as mini dioramas, as I can't see myself painting up a new mountain of lead- I'm in way over my head as it is!

French Hussars, two prone 95th Riflemen (I've just been re-watching the boxed set of 'Sharpe' DVDs) and a British and French sapper. I also have a 9 pounder British cannon and crew lurking in the drawer.

And last but not least, I based up these GZG trucks I bought recently. There's just something about these chunky vehicles I really like!

Thanks for looking in, and commenting if you have a mind to do so!


  1. Well, I for one really appreciate your posts. I love the subtle colors on your Brits and that OO pack is just about my favirite single pack in all of fifteen mm SciFi. In fact it was the last pack of minis I painted...months ago.

    You might have just inspired me to get off my butt and get some stuff done.

    1. Thanks very much indeed e-p, greatly appreciated. That pack does have some little beauties in, and the detail on the minis is first class. Do you have pictures on your blog of these? I may go and have a trawl to find out! Best wishes.

  2. Great looking minis!

    I love those Oddzial Osmy stuff... some of my favorite miniatures.

    And yes, those GZG vehicles are also great... I need to pick some up!

    1. Hi Harold! There's just something appealing about some of those Oddsial Osmy minis- some are a bit odd, but they certainly have character, which is great in figures of this scale. Thanks for taking the time- looking forward to the new minis of yours!

  3. Those Brits look excellent are they on sale yet? The OO guys look really cool as specialist. The camera crew is pretty cool as well. Would make a good objective for rescue/capture.

  4. Thanks a lot Simon. I'm not sure if Black Hat have them available yet- I would like to get the 'beret' version of some of these, and they're definitely not available yet! Yes, the OO camera crew are a bit of fun, and I agree about the scenario value of them!

  5. Fine work, Sir. Your brush seems to be intimately acquainted with 15mm. You have made these Ods-Os figures shine with character.

    Plus you are very original. I have never seen a picture of a news interview with an old rusty 50 gal trash barrel. Superb...I'm still laughing! (Even though I don't imagine that is what you worked-up for this vignette)

    I get much pleasure from visiting "your place." Keep up the really fine modeling!

  6. Jay, you are very kind, and I thank you for the encouragement. I'm glad you enjoyed the little diorama with the rusty old oil drum or whatever it is- I thought it was just a little something to add interest. Your enthusiasm is very inspiring, so it's your fault I've 'got back on the horse'! Thanks buddy!

  7. I for one normally await your efforts! I really like those Brits and the scheme you chose and I love the sniper guy from Ods-Os!

    Im just checking, however the whole range should be available over the next week if not sooner. Ill let you know when Black Hat are ready



  8. Hi Keith! Thanks very much for your comments. I do have the odd crisis of confidence about what this blog represents, so I do appreciate the support! I have stated elsewhere that I should have read the Kickstarter thing a little more closely, as I wasn't aware of the 'beret' alternative, but looking back, it was all made perfectly clear. However, the good news is that when I can get hold of some, I'll have both options, or more if there is a boonie hat option! I'm just off to read your latest post. All the best.

  9. Yep
    Boonies hats to!
    I will also have some Scotguards in the very near future. Just working out if the kilts should have armor panels or not.......:)

  10. Hmmm, kilts with armour panels....that might be a tricky one to pull off, er, if you'll forgive the expression.

  11. Yep.....:)

    Got to work on that one. Might just be normal kilts