Elhiem Modern Russians

Since my last post I have been concentrating on Matt's Modern Russians, and decided to do the lot before posting, so this is a little pic heavy I'm afraid.

I found these figures particularly enjoyable to paint, with a wealth of detail (in common with all Elhiem figures), and attempted a 'Flora Digital' pattern which did not really come off, but I'm still relatively happy with the final appearance.

So, RUS01






The Spetsnaz in GORKA suits were a pattern I found on the net, but I have seen a number of different ones. I am well aware that many details/colours may be inaccurate, but I'm not going to be too precious about it- life's too short!

I also managed a couple of pieces of scatter terrain while I was at it, the first cobbled together from a mixed bag of mis-cast items from 'SGT'S MESS' (a brilliant bag of stuff for this sort of thing)-

and at your convenience (sorry), a, er, convenience, also from SGT'S MESS.

So, I've got lots in the pipeline- mostly from Elhiem- Aussie SASR, US Rangers post 2010 and others.
I have knocked out a few more Taliban, and some Liberation minis recently, but there are enough pictures here for one post I think.

As usual, any helpful comments welcome, and thanks for taking an interest.


  1. 20mm goodness, great work, if only15mm!

    1. No Don't listen to Fran 20mm is the true scale..... No offence Fran

    2. Thanks Fran- sorry I turned my back on 15mm....my old eyes and shaky hands can't cope!

    3. And thanks to you too Clint!!

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    3. Third time lucky without predictive text snafu - Thankee kindly young Jay !!

  3. They look fantastic. Are you painting them to use for any particular rule set?

  4. Thanks Ben! I have several rule sets, but my favourite at the moment is Force On Force. Games are few and far between at the moment. Because I have changed to 20mm from 15, I have terrain and other projects to make before I have any games, but the painting and modelling is just as enjoyable for me. Thanks for taking an interest and commenting (kindly!).