Liebster Award

As mentioned in yesterday's post, Jay from the excellent 'Jay's Miniature Enterprise' blog (and I do mean excellent- the man is funny, warm and kind, and tells a good story with interesting miniatures and photographs) I have been generously nominated by said gentleman for a Liebster Award, and I believe it is my duty to pass the baton on and nominate some of the bloggers that I follow. I certainly wouldn't want to offend anyone by leaving them out, as I find something of interest in all the blogs I follow (well, otherwise there's no point in following, right?), so as Anne O'Leary has done, I should just like to divert your attention to the list of followers on my blog page. I follow a variety of bloggers, not all 15mm sci fi gamers, and I learn something from all of them, even if I'm not a regular comment maker.

I really enjoy the support and generosity of all those bloggers I follow, and would commend you to take a look at any or all of them on my blog roll. This is a wonderful community we enjoy, we painters/modellers/gamers, and I just want to include as many as possible.

Best wishes to all!


  1. Thanks very much- I'm really surprised as I only have relatively few followers, but I'm grateful to those that do check out my blog.

  2. pssst

    You have an award. Beware the fame, offers from ladies and fortune....


    missed by seconds......well days