Thank you Brigade Models and latest painting rush......

At the end of December, I sent an order to Brigade Models for a collection of their 15mm sci fi buildings. When I realised it had taken rather longer than I was expecting to arrive, I e-mailed the company to see if it had been sent. Within a day, Tony had replied to tell me that the order had been sent out some time ago, but they would send a replacement asap. It arrived fairly soon afterwards and I just wanted to thank him, and Brigade Models, for taking my word about the disappearance of the order.I just felt that this sort of customer service needs to be highlighted when it happens- thank you gentlemen!

Now, after my '50 Up' post, I've managed another 20 minis, starting off with the brilliant GOTA Clan figures from Khurasan. I've posted pictures of the urban camo previously, these next pictures are of regular fatigues.

There is some great detail on these minis, and in the four pictures there are representatives from each of the range's packs.

I wanted to have some fanatical cultist figures somewhere in the mix, so I opted for the human cultists from Khurasan's Cult of Andromeda range, so here they are......

Interesting figures, particularly the face mask/respirators. I was going for a 'ceremonial' weapon look to the hardware so decided on the silver/brass combination- a bit Space Opera, but although I'm not entirely convinced it has worked, I think I'll leave it alone.

Finally, a black suited bodyguard type figure from The Scene- security for the holders of high office in my fantasy world.

That's it then. Thanks again to Tony, and thanks to you for looking in!


  1. Brigade are a top company indeed!

    I love that MIB...really subtle black. Pulling that off so well, is very hard indeed

    KH....cant comment :) ....ok.... great painting :)

  2. Thanks Keith! By the way, I have finally attached the power shields you kindly sent me for the Enemy Unknown minis- pictures and acknowledgement next time!!

  3. Awesome to hear of great customer service from Brigade. Loving your GOTA Clan the scheme suits them and I like seeing all the support elements. The MIB is ace love his sunglasses great job on them. Not seen the cult of andromeda figures very cool looking figures I like how you painted them the weapons stand out nicely.

  4. Thanks very much Simon. All of these figures were a blast to paint, and the cultists were very quick to complete, obviously, with such a limited colour scheme. The MIB came out better than I could have hoped really, so I'm scared to paint another one in case it's a failure!

  5. Really nicely painted, the level of detail is incredible. Things like the reflection on the suit guy's sunglasses - wow!

  6. Thanks very much PC! I'm really glad the sunglasses came out well. The whole thing is such a limited palette that it can look a bit sparse, but I really appreciate the feedback.