50 UP!

Well, we're a week into March, and if you will forgive me a little self-indulgence, I worked out that this year so far I have painted 50 miniatures, and re-painted 3 vehicles and 2 gunners. Now for someone like myself who is neither the best or quickest painter around, I have to confess I'm quite pleased with that. It may have something to do with cancelling my Sky subscription and spending more time in the evening with the radio on in front of my painting area. Add to the figures my urban terrain, extra bits added to buildings (vents, doors, air con units etc) and such, I feel that I have been more productive. Mind you, the gaming side has taken a back seat, but I want to finish the urban terrain first to use in my latest gaming venture.

Anyhow, here is a picture of the 50 of 2014:

I managed to matt varnish everything this morning in the lovely sunshine here in the UK, except the latest offerings I did yesterday from one of the new GZG ranges. Elsewhere in the above picture are  minis from Khurasan, Rebel (and GZG), with Gecko scout cars from Old Crow.

The last pictures are the aforementioned figures from GZG (I think it's the Neu Swabian League) but they are really nice sculpts. These are going to be the 'heavy' infantry, whereas the Khurasan GOTA Clan figures (second row back in urban camo, and one either end in normal fatigues) will be the light infantry. Dodgy pictures......

So there we have it. I hope to do many more minis this year and make it a bumper one, but even if I continue apace, I shall barely scratch the surface of my lead pile. Still, lucky to have a lead pile I guess!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Thats far more painting then me!
    and very nicely done. I do like that urban black/grey scheme!

    I need to get back to concentrating on some fun painting!

    1. Thanks Keith! It's quite unusual for me to be this productive, as I have several other hobbies and between these and work, time is limited. However, I'll plod on. I've finally varnished your Enemy Unknown figures, so I can attach those power shields you so kindly sent me! Best wishes.

  2. Nice going there. I really like the yellow colored visors/helmet face plates! You the man, Gunny.

    BTW, where do you get the bldg. extra bits? I need some for a scifi bldg. project. Thanks.

  3. Thank you Jay! I have to admit I think I may have seen the visor colour elsewhere on someone's blog. GZG do some interesting doors, hatches and grilles, and The Scene do brilliant air con units in metal and resin- several different sorts, and vents etc, I also used some resin computer terminals and banks from Khurasan (I think) as cash dispensers/vending machines/post racks etc. They all dress a building up nicely! Oh yes, some other stuff from Atenociti, doors etc.

  4. Awesome the new additions to look good. I have been admiring the new figures they release especially the Japanese with the there tech ninjas.

    Well don on getting 50 done in the first quarter of 2014 lets hope it continues into the rest of the year and its a very productive one!

  5. Cheers Simon! Yes, I hope I can continue knocking them out. Mind you, I've a backlog of vehicles to frighten with my dodgy airbrush work yet, so plenty to do!

  6. A great collection, with really impressive detailing. I especially like the gun cleric/trenchcoat merc types, & the police(?) bots & Sahadeen figures in the back.

  7. Thanks very much PC- I have to confess that the trenchcoat type figures have just been copied from the Khurasan website, but if something looks good, why change it?!