First Pictures

Here are the first pictures I have taken of my 15mm miniatures.
First of all, some Peter Pig US Marines-picture a little dark I'm afraid. I'll get the hang of it. These are painted in a generic 'desert' colour with no camouflage, as I intend to use them for several theatres of war, and I'm probably pretty poor at paining camo at this scale!
Next, a couple of vehicles, again from PP-a rusty Toyota technical, and a shot up Mercedes taxi, the former gloss varnished but not yet matt varnished, and the latter just painted yesterday and as yet unvarnished.

Some Insurgents-PP and Flashpoint minis-

Finally, a few shots of some GZG 15mm figures-some with converted heads(I haven't got too ambitious yet).   The utility 'truck' with the machine gun on the back will form part of a 'Hit and Run' squad, much like the SAS and LRDG from WW2.

I would welcome any constructive comments about the minis-I know the pictures are a little dark, I'll address that next time round, but I just wanted to get the blog up and running asap.

Next up, some Rebel Minis Fedayeen, and maybe a Brit WMIK!                                                                                                                     


  1. You're off to a good start, these look great! Those PP US moderns are pretty nice models, I will have to remember them in future.

  2. Thanks Spacejacker! I really enjoy your blog, and I'm afraid I have shamelessly stolen some of your colour scemes, particularly from the UNSC painting tutorial-I hope you don't mind. I haven't been able to do much painting/modelling recently, having just had an op for cancer, but as soon as I can comfortably sit at my desk, I'll be on it! Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Love the GZG NI conversions!

  4. Thanks again, Paul! When I started this blog last year, I think yours was one of the first I visited, and it really gave me some inspiration. I had always painted 28mm figures before, but now I have turned away from the Dark Side and it's guys like yourself, Spacejacker, in fact all the bloggers I follow, who gave me a leg up, so thanks for that. Er, I may have pinched a couple of colour schemes from you....too late to mention? Best wishes!