About time to start!

23 July 2011

 Hi! This is hopefully going to be a record of my wargaming exploits in 15mm. I intend to include images of painted figures, vehicles etc., reports of games played, and occasional reviews of the things I purchase and the service received, in fact, anything I can think of connected with the hobby. I have been inspired to start this having only recently become aware of all the fantastic blogs connected to this subject that are out there. My painting skills are pretty poor compared to most of what I have seen on the internet, and I'm new to the scale, so bear with me as I try to improve.
I have recently acquired a copy of Force On Force rules which I intend to use as my regular rule set, and am awaiting the Future Wars companion. I am currently painting US marines from Peter Pig, and Iraqi regular army troops and Fedayeen from Peter Pig, Flashpoint Minis, and am currently awaiting delivery of some Fedayeen and Foreign Insurgents from Rebel minis in the US. Vehicles from PP and QRF and some WMIKs from Old Glory (and some of their British Infantry and Taliban) are also on the painting agenda.
So, tomorrow I will take some photos of minis painted so far, and post them for comment or ridicule, or more hopefully for constructive criticism. Then I shall have to start devising my fictitious middle eastern country and develop a history for it that will generate some interesting scenarios. There will be a lot of mistakes to come!
About time to start.

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