Khurasan (not so) Old and New minis.

I had a few moments this week to paint some miniatures, and below are pictures of my efforts. I sent an order to Khurasan when they opened up after Christmas, and within days they had posted pictures of a new release, namely the PNHE Cyborg Agents. After a quick e-mail exchange, Jon kindly added them to my order. I loved the colour scheme on the Khurasan website, and saw no reason to do any different, so in full Matrix mode I copied the hell out of them.

Now I know it's not very clever, but I don't have much of an imagination, so thanks to whoever painted these for the vendor. These are terrific sculpts IMHO, and with the leather-clad look could feature in all sorts of games.

Also in the same order I received the Zebra Kilo team, miniatures that I have painted in the past, but I wanted to re-do them for more general use, ie 5150SA, 5150NB, and zombie games. I painted them quite differently before but, and you are going to have to take my word for it, even though I have previous, I didn't realise that I was copying the website colour scheme again (well, almost, apart from the helmet colour). Possibly I did realise on some subconscious level... Anyway, I wanted them themed with the PNHE Agents, so went with the black leather look again.

 Once again, really nice sculpts, possibly by the same artist/sculptor. The black/grey colours work really well with them I believe, and my next batch will be Khurasan's 'Police Bots', which will fill out this 'police' themed force.

Apologies if the pictures aren't too clear- I took them with a little Canon Sureshot, so not as crisp as I might have got with my other camera (with flat battery as it turns out), but as those of you who kindly look in to this blog know, I'm no great shakes as a photographer anyway.

Thanks to some kind comments about my last post, I have added some detail to the Mad Mecha Buildings, such as vents, and some computer type terminals to act as vending machines and cash dispensers and suchlike, and am currently awaiting a small order from The Scene with things like air conditioning units which I can attach and create a bit more interest. So thanks for those suggestions.

Right, off to paint the 'Bots' before enthusiasm wanes. Thanks for looking in!


  1. Awesome job I'd not seen the Zebra Kilo team before. They all look fantastic mate and the photos are great. I want the Cyborg Agents for my AVP project as Alien Hunters they'll fit the role well.

    1. Cheers Simon, very kind. Definitely get some of the Cyborg agents- they are great minis. Now you've whetted my appetite for using them to hunt Aliens such as in Predator (yep, I've picked up some of these in the past!) Thanks for commenting!

  2. I bought the Z-Team myself... I was thinking they'd make good BPRD-type heavies to tackle paranormal foes, not just the shambling dead. Did you intentionally match their visors to the cyborgs' hair dye?

  3. Mmm, well, maybe- perhaps subconsciously, I'm not entirely certain! They are definitely suited to a number of different roles, that's for sure.

  4. Thanks Jay, you are very kind!