A Few More Armies Army..........

I have to confess to having taken the day off work today as it is my birthday (don't ask, it's too embarrassing) so I have taken a few self-indulgent hours to paint my other new Armies Army figures, the PLA/Sino forces.

Since I started this blog, I have agonised over the standard of my figure painting, as a lot of posts I see display a level of competence that I cannot possibly emulate. However, I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that if I want to move some of the enormous backlog of minis I would like to paint, then I will have to compromise a bit, so these figures, and the Unknown Enemy figures from my previous post have had a fairly simple treatment, using washes and dry brushing. For the wargames table, I guess they are good enough!

So, here are the minis I have painted today, the PLA/Sino Forces from Armies Army:

Brush-on grey undercoat from Vallejo, base colour of GW Dheneb Stone, wash of Army Painter Strong Tone, then dry brush of base colour again- that's just about it, apart from boots and weapon details.

I also finished the rest of the Enemy Unknown, so here is a collective picture of these minis too:

I have made a start on the 'Hab' units I bought from The Ion Age recently. As usual, I have sort of pinched their colour scheme to a certain point, but it looked so effective! I like a well-weathered look, so plenty of staining and washes. They fit beautifully on the Warbases hexes I use for my terrain as well, so that's a bonus!

All the above items need varnishing and static grass adding in order to hide the lack of attention to detail in the basing, but as I'm away for a few days from tomorrow, I wanted to make a quick post before I go.

Having seen Eli's preview of some of the new releases fron Jon at GZG, I committed a few measly quid on 4 packs of the new sculpts. They are really good, and Jon was kind enough to send me a few samples of upcoming ranges too- they are all great sculpts- and so my determination to cut back on hobby spending will be sorely tested. However, thanks Jon, I'm really looking forward to painting these guys too!

Thanks for looking in as always, and helpful comments are welcome!


  1. I think we tend to view our own work at a more unforgiving level. All I can say is that your work here looks great and I would have thought more time had been spent on them than you state so all good in my eyes

    1. Thanks very much Ian, you are very kind. I still seem to have derived as much pleasure from the painting but managed to paint 8 figs in the time it often takes to do double that!

    2. No, that makes no sense- it took me HALF the time to paint in this fashion. What a plonker, Rodney.

  2. I agree with Ian we always are unforgiving of our own work.

    You Sino/PLA are great. I really like these figures and its been great watching Keith bring them to life from the concept work.

  3. Thanks a lot Simon. I understand Keith had some unpleasant remarks from one party in particular on TMP about the sculpts for some of his ranges. I have to say, I don't get it. I think the figures have plenty of character and once painted, really come to life, so I agree with you entirely. There are more in the pipeline apparently, oh my aching wallet!

  4. Well, Gunny, the paintin' is just fine. If I understand Ian's comment, I agree, we modelers tend to be to critical of our own work. I believe no two of us are identical alike in our modeling-life. Your style of painting, color choices, and skill to make it happen, for me as an observer and a satisfied viewer of your talents, is really good. Keep it up, friend. I'm the same sometimes, but I am trying to be just me and to be happy with just me.

    If some one else is happy with my efforts, that makes me happy too!
    BTW: I hadn't seen any of the above troops in color yet, until this PM. I like them. Later.

  5. Jay, you always know the 'mot juste' so thank you for the feedback and support. It's great to have you in my corner!

  6. Well I think they are grand. I'm in the same boat, I sometimes try a little harder as I want my figures to be used for encouraging sales, however even at my best its not much different then using the quick and dirty methods, so I'm not going to bother. I think your method looks very nice. I think my figures are rather nice for quick painting and the armypainter darker tones
    really are very good!

    ta for your support :)


    more stuff on the way soon for my PLA......

  7. Thanks a lot Keith. I agree with the comment about your miniatures- they are suitable for a 'quick and dirty' painting solution, as well as having plenty of detail for a more considered approach. Roll on the next release!

  8. Both these sets look splendid, GR! They are going onto my puschase list!

    1. Well done- same sort of thing as the Rusks you so elegantly painted! Nice detail, and same quirkiness that I like!