I finally get off my big, fat.........

I haven't made a post for quite a while, for various reasons which will be completely uninteresting, and for those bloggers who usually receive comments from me, I apologise for not giving you the due attention you deserve. So I'll just give a quick update on 'work' so far.

Some time ago I ordered some MDF buildings from Mad Mecha Guy, and then more recently bought the roads, walls, and paved area packs. One weekend I made the effort to paint all the road pieces, the pavement/sidewalk pieces, the paved areas, pedestrian crossings and various other things. I didn't bother with any clever shading- too lazy, and the etching on the MDF helped a little here- but got it done. So here are a few pictures of a small set-up using a fraction of what comes in these packs.

Sorry about the muddy looking brown between everything- that's just my tatty desk.

As you can probably see, I haven't bothered to paint the interiors of the buildings. I know, I know- no attention to detail.

I have also painted a few vehicles using the Mask sheets from Critical Mass Games, specifically the digital camo sheets. Using an air brush, I am reasonably satisfied with the result, though it may be too subtle to show well, but that is just my incompetence. The first vehicle is from Khurasan miniatures....

and the next two are from GZG.

I am slowly getting used to the airbrush, but as I don't have a permanent 'work station' I have to set it all up each time to use it- it can become a chore.

Now, bear with me a little longer, it will soon be over. Next up, some miniatures- NAC guncrews from GZG....

followed by a sniper crew from GZGs new Power Armour range....

and then the rest of this range that I have completed, support weapons included.

I also recently made a start on another of GZG's ranges- I believe it is the 'Republic of Arden' range for Tomorrow's War. I just think of them as modern French Foreign Legion! This picture isn't very clear I'm afraid, and the fact that they have been gloss coated but not matt doesn't help the situation. However, on the plus side, you can see the Tricolor on the shoulder pads!

So finally, I took advantage of an offer from 15mm.co.uk/The Ion Age and ordered a three pack of their 'prefabricated hab' buildings. I'm really pleased with them- nice clean castings, and best of all, because of the shape, they fit beautifully on the terrain hexes I use!

So that's it. Thanks for spending the time if you have read this far and not dropped off to sleep. I have been challenged, sort of, to a paint off by Barks from 'Wargaming with Barks' and Allison from 'The Painting Agency' to have a go at a Khurasan figure or two that completely don't resemble characters from a certain  '50% existence' game (if you get my drift). You know the one. Both Allison and Barks have made outstanding jobs with their renditions, so I don't think mine will be half as good, but I'll have a go....might not be this week though!

Thanks for looking in!


  1. Glad to see you back

    Really nice looking. Really like the vehicles and the habitat building!

    1. Many thanks Keith. Apologies for the lack of Armies Army content plenty more in the pipeline!

  2. You've still been rather busy. The Terrain is a great layout. Get those interiors painted!

    Airbrushes scare me for some reason, the vehicles look brilliant though

    Love the NAC Guys as well as the power armour chaps. French Foreign Legion you say good idea :D

  3. Air brushes scare me too, but I have gritted my teeth and had a go. Actually, they are rather good fun, but take a lot of getting used to! It will be a cold day in hell before I even get half way competent with it, but I'm willing to try. Thanks for the kind comments!

  4. Hi, Gunny. Think..."Buildings = a work in progress, wonderful job so far."

    The sniper and spotter hunkering down behind a boulder is my favorite of the bunch. Really cool looking. You can still paint pretty good with your shaky old hands!

    And thanks for the 15mm.co.uk ditty. I'm going to chk out this building, and see if they have others also. Looks like it is going to be a cold day in Zell b4 I ever get around to making any scratch bldgs. for Zamazonia.

    Hasta la bye-bye, Amigo.

  5. Hi Jay- thanks for the feedback. The shaky old hands are holding up reasonably well- they have to be strong, even if it's just to control the zimmer frame, and hold down a few chords on the ole geetar! The 15mm.co.uk buildings are little beauties, and like you I am not confident in scratch building, er, buildings. Far better to let someone cleverer than me do it! Have a good weekend buddy!

  6. Wow. All else aside the vehicles look amazing! The big boxy one from Khurasan is easily the best but they're all great. The buildings are good too but I'm admittedly not crazy about the "tabbed MDF" style. Anyway they have a nice concretey look now, I think when you put some printed signs etc on them they will really look very "lifelike" (or whatever the word is).

    Looking forward to your Half Life 2 figures, of course! So cool that we goaded you into painting them ;)

    1. Thanks very much Allison! You can't really pick it up from the pictures, but I have finished the vehicles off with some MIG pigments- dry mud and european mud, I think. I know what you mean about the tabbed MDF, but it does get an urban area up and running in a hurry at reasonable expense. Now, it may take a week or two, but I promise I will have a go at the aforementioned figure(s). They won't be up to your standard or that of Barks, but a challenge is a challenge!