Air Brushing Time

Hi Guys,

I would like some advice about air brushes, please. I have a Badger 200 external mix (siphon) airbrush that I bought some years ago and have barely used. Now I am firmly involved with 15mm scale, I want to use one for vehicles/buildings etc., and along with a mini compressor, I'm not sure if I need to invest in a new gravity feed/dual action brush or not. Also, I presume I will have to buy an appropriate connector for the compressor as I think the one in my Badger kit is purely for connecting to compressed air cans. I would be grateful if our blogging community could help me out with my decision, and like most of us, I don't have an unlimited budget! Many thanks in anticipation.


  1. Hi Gunrunner. Gravity fed dual control airbrushes give a lot more fine control than a siphon external mix brush, especially one that relies on an air-cannister. When it comes to painting in 15mm that extra control really comes in handy to avoid camo strips that are too thick for the scale. If you do go down this route, probably your best bet is to buy a starter airbrush set that comes with a dual-control brush, mini-compressor and moisture filter. Everything airbrush provide starter sets for modellers and gamers at a very reasonable price. However, even "reasonable price" means about 100 pounds or so.

    First of all, I'd ask yourself why you haven't really used your old airbrush much previously. If it's because you had no need for it (rather than because it was clunky and difficult to use) then it's probably not worth the investment unless you plan on doing lots of buildings and vehicles in the near future.

    Here's a link to the starter airbrush set I purchased from everything airbrush as my first airbrush. I still use it today. Don't go spending any more than this on your first airbrush set-up until you find you're getting your getting your money's worth out of this one:

    It's the complete modelling kit at the bottom of the page. The only other things you would need to buy are any Vallejo Model Air colours you need.


    Drop me an email at brian@leadlegion.com if you ever have any questions or problems when using an airbrush.

  2. Thanks very much, Brian, that's really helpful. I had more or less decided that a package including airbrush and compressor etc would be my choice, and had seen a few choices on Amazon, but I will check your link and compare. I'm very grateful for the advice!

  3. Hi Gunrunner

    I went through the same thought process and I finally went for a grav fed top loader badger 100G. I also went with a small oil less compressor. Ill look up the site I used, however they were fantastic help. No oversell, just sound advice.
    I am really pleased with it! I use it for all my vehicles and all my base coats for troops. Takes as long, however looks cleaner. I used a can, however the compressor is far superior and make controlling it easier.

    It takes a while to get used to and less is best. Put thin coats on several times, not hard if you are doing several models as by the time you get round to the first one again, its dry!

    In fact looking down...I used everythingairbrush.com to!

  4. Hiya Keith- thanks to you too for the advice. I have actually bought one from everythingairbrush now, along with a compressor etc. so it's just a case of experimenting! Looking forward to your new releases, and I will try and help with the kick starter if I can. Let me know when you need some help. Best wishes.

  5. Appreciated

    let me know how the airbrush goes

    and something is in the post to you Monday :)

    1. Thank you kindly- my brushes are itching to go!

  6. So you have it?

    Have you given it a go!
    Trust me...dont chuck it away! It takes a little time and worth it in the end!